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Top 3 Write Articles of the Week: June 28

The writers here at Aroono have been killing it with some great writing advice. From summer topics to saving protagonists, here are the best of this week.

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This week’s top 3 articles offer some great tips to keep your writing fresh. Photo by Cathy Mü on Unsplash

5 Summer Writing Trends to Write About

Summer is officially here! That means it’s time to write about all the popular and most in-demand summer writing trends. Here are 5 summer writing trends.

Whether you are headed someplace fun on vacation or staying close to home this summer, Caitlyn Kithcart has some great trending topics you can write about to keep your craft fresh.

6 Ways to Bring a Protagonist up from Rock Bottom

Your protagonist is likely to hit rock bottom. It’s just a part of their journey. Now, you need to get them back on their feet. Try one of these 6 ideas to thrill readers.

The protagonist is the lifeblood of your story, but sometimes they hit a rocky patch. Courtney Moore offers you six ways to bring your protagonist back from the brink so they can win the day!

How to Make Your First Draft Edits Easy

Editing your first draft is a major step in the writing process, but it can be a difficult and confusing process for some writers. Here are a few tips to make editing your first draft easy.

Rounding out this week’s top articles, Keira Charles has some great tips for any author getting set to edit that first draft. These tips are valuable and can help you keep your sanity during the novel writing process.

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